September Forecast

September Tarot Forecast

1. Monthly Theme- King of Pentacles / Buffalo

“Where you are is as good as it is going to get until you can master the here and now. In this place, you have all you need to whether yourself to a past that can no longer sustain you or provide you with the tools you require to build a life fit for a king. The secret is to stop looking at what is around you and start focusing on what is inside you. For it is the conditions of the inner landscape that determine the outcome of your physical world.”
— Message from the bison

This month is all about mastering where you find yourself currently. There is a cadre of resources around you — have you figured out what / where they are yet?

In a nutshell — the bison is a badass. These dudes can survive almost anywhere AND were hunted almost to the point of extinction, and yet they survived and now their numbers are great again.

While bison might look gentle when they’re grazing, if you get too close they’ll let you know. Bison are fierce, protective and not to be trifled with. Neither are you, especially this month. Look at how far you’ve come this year and know no one else is responsible for your growth. You did that. Go on and brush your shoulders off. Be proud.

Stand tall and strong over your life. You are in control here. Wherever you focus your energy you will grow. You have made it this far. Enjoy the view of where you’ve been. Look around you to see what resources you can glean from your environment.

2. What to invite in / point of focus – Knight of Cups / Blue Footed Booby

“Watch my feet and I will dance for you. I want you to understand I am a lover, not a fighter; don’t let my knightly gear fool you. I would rather dance with you than see you come to any hard. Just watch my feet and I know that sooner rather or later you will be right here next to me, enjoying the sounds of the waves as we get lost in each other’s eyes. For the most dangerous quest of all is the one of the heart.”
— Message from the Blue-Footed Booby

We are all up in our shadow right now. Shadow work is never pleasant, seldom fun, but always worth it. However, for the month of September, find your fun! We can’t possibly save ourselves if we get so serious in our shadow we forget to look for the light.

I know it’s scary out there. It’s easy to get sucked into the 24 hours news cycle and what fuckery 45 et al just pulled. But if we’re so focused on the fight we run the risk of forgetting exactly what it is we’re fighting for.

Knight of Cups is a romantic. A lover, not a fighter, you’re more likely to see him in the library than the jousting arena. The Blue Footed Booby is a goofy AF dancing bird with blue feet with a hilarious (#boobs) name. Get silly. Invite in fun. Be willing to laugh. Be willing to find the humor in whatever situation you currently find yourself in.

3. What to let go / release – Knight of Wands Rx / Ostrich RX

“Don’t let someone else create a set of myths, stories, and beliefs about who or what you are. Be strong and let your opinions and ideas be heard. Let others know you are no passive player, and that your thoughts and feelings matter. Ground yourself and take a stand for all you are working to create and experience.”
— Message from the Ostrich

Y’all did you know never ONCE has an ostrich stuck their head in the sand? I’m not 100% sure on how that story got started, but it’s reinforced every time I sit down to watch Saturday morning cartoons.

Now, when predators come a’calling ostriches do actually get close to the ground and lower their head between their legs to better blend in with their surroundings. They listen to the vibrations in the ground. They get quiet. They look for an exit strategy, then when the time is right, they use their extremely powerful legs to kick and run away from whatever’s out to get them.

But this time the ostrich came up reversed. You’ve kept your head close to the ground for too long. You’ve listened to the vibes. You’ve located your exit strategy. But are there actually any predators?

Like the ostrich, you are a strong, beautiful (and in all likelihood flightless) human and it is time to get off the ground and let yourself be seen.

You. Are. Safe. Let yourself be seen.

Release any / all fears you have about predators coming to get you. Trust your strength. Like the ostrich, your legs are strong. Your foundation is strong. It’s time to let go of anything that doesn’t reinforce what a strong, powerful creature you are.

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