The Power of Women

I walked into my first full moon circle last August. At my side I had my best friend Reagon and my good friend Renee.

I had no idea what to expect. At that point in time, I’d already had my experiences with Grampa, a few psychic readings and my tarot cards read, so I was getting more comfortable in terms of allowing myself to explore this side of life in a way I never allowed myself to prior. But- in terms of openly talking about my spirituality and where I was in my journey around perfect strangers (and even around some friends and family) – I was still nervous. This was a part of me I kept 100% private for probably 20 some years, and the idea of exposing such a hidden aspect of my soul was daunting.

Anyway – we walk into Priestess Kim Macy’s office where there were already a few women waiting. I smiled, shook hands, and then Kim walked in.

To this day, every time I have the pleasure of getting to be around Kim, it’s almost like I’m seeing her for the first time. Everything about her just sings with such astounding presence – from her fire red hair to her voice, to the bindi I’ve only seen her without a handful of times. She is impossible to ignore and carries such a loving, open energy that you almost have to fight the urge to jump into her arms and tell her your woes.


Kim instructed us to pull a Goddess Card (they work in a similar way to Tarot cards, but feature Goddesses of the Ages as opposed to pentagrams, swords, kings and cups) and showed us the book where we could read up on the Goddess we pulled.

Pro-tip when it comes to pulling cards: do not second guess yourself. There are a few different ways to find your card, but my personal favorite is to scan the spread and wait for my eyes to pull me to the right one. It could be the card that’s just a little bit wonky than the rest, or where my eye immediately goes, etc. but trust your instinct and don’t second guess.

Imagine my surprise when I pulled my card and this bad ass bitch was staring back at me:
Goddess Durga

Durga. With her message of “boundaries”, I could immediately see the connection (For a frame of reference: back in August ’15 I was still in the heavy-shit-slinging grieving process from the dissolution of what I thought was a perfect friendship, which if you missed my blog about it, you can check it out here).

Before I could get my hands on the book to read all about Durga, Kim announced it was time to start. She explained the rules:

1. Whoever has the talking stick (which was a buckskin rattle with antlers for a handle) talked. Everyone else was to listen.
2. You could hold the talking stick as long as you wanted.
3. When the talking stick left your hands, you could no longer talk. Even if it was to mention something you forgot.
4. We were to go around the circle, introduce ourselves, say what brought us here, which Goddess we pulled from the deck, and how we thought it related to where we found ourselves at that exact moment.
5. Anything that was brought up in the circle was to be left in the circle.
6. After everyone had their turn with the talking stick, as a group we were to head to the nearest park where we would hold ceremony in the elements.

Because Rule #5 is so important, I’m not going to share about anyone else’s experience outside of my own.

But I will say this: pure magic was in that room. There is something unbelievable about sharing that kind of energy and holding that space with your peers. To share each others pain and happiness – to rejoice with one woman and mourn with the next, it was primal yet transcendent. Every woman had their own story; their own journey, and we all got to live each others experiences through their eyes. We were all different ages, different colors, different economic brackets, but we were all the same. Every story shared illuminated us all.

When the talking stick came to me, I wasn’t sure what to say. I introduced myself, talked a little bit about how I got to where I was and then started talking about Goddess Durga and what I thought she was trying to tell me.

Basically, Durga is a fucking warrior. She is with and without form; the root cause of creation, preservation and annihilation.

“According to legend, Durga manifested herself for the slaying of the buffalo demon Mahisasura… She is pure Shakti (energy) having manifested herself within the gods so she may fulfill the tasks of the universe via them.” Gracias to Wikipedia.

So basically, any time shit goes south, Durga manifests her energy to become a physical being and rides in on a fucking TIGER to save the day.

It’s only now hitting me (almost one full year later) exactly how powerful this card was that I pulled. That’s the magic of looking at the world through spiritual goggles. You think something is powerful at the time you’re experiencing it, only to go back at a later date and re-blow your own mind. Suffice to say: I fucking love it.

Anyway, after I was done talking about what I thought Durga was trying to tell me, Kim asked if it would be alright if she expanded on the meaning, which of course it was.

Durga was telling me to set my boundaries – to stop giving so much of myself (regardless of what that looked like) to others and to own the Divine Power I possessed (the same divine Power we ALL posess – men and women). I needed to show up for myself and be my own warrior, and once I did that I would be unstoppable.

As Kim explained this to me, there were rounds of “MM HMM!!!” “CHEERS TO THAT” from the women I was sharing space with. It still gives me goosebumps.

Durga showed up to tell me to own my power, but she also showed up to tell everyone to own their power, as well. The cards we pulled were for all of us. They all had a message to share which we could directly apply to our own individual journeys.

So, after every woman had the opportunity to share and learn about their card, we moved onto the second part of the ceremony.


We gathered at the nearest park and stood barefoot on the grass. Kim brought drums so anyone who was called could play. It was a gorgeous summer evening and still light out. I remember looking around nervously as people and their dogs moved around us, staring at us with interest and/or amusement.

At one point, I looked over at my best friend Reagon (who is someone who don’t ever give a fuck what anyone thinks) and watched her OWN the experience. Her feet stomping, her voice singing so loudly it bordered on screaming, and I silently borrowed some of her strength.

I allowed the world around me to dissolve so all that was left was the circle of women and the beat of the drum.

“Let it in, let it go
‘Round and ’round we flow
Weaving a web of women

Let it in, let it go
‘Round and ’round we flow
Weaving a web of life”

As we sang the song, Kim instructed us to line up single file between two trees which were closely growing together – they were going to act as the doorway for the next part of ceremony. Kim was going to smudge us (smudging is when you light insense, sage, etc and banash everything which no longer serving you/your house/your car, etc) down so when we walked through the tree portal/doorway, we were walking away energetically anew.

While we waited for our turns, we were to focus on anything and everything we wanted to shed or invite in when we were energetically “fresh”.

After the last woman walked through the portal, Kim then smudged herself, set her intention, and joined us.

The last part of the ceremony was to call in the four corners – North, East, West, and South. Kim led us in around of singing while we faced the direction we were calling and paid our respects to the Earth and all of her inhabitants.

To a passer-by, we probably looked like some sort of off-brand Hari Krishna gathering – but again, I blocked that out. I didn’t care. I was with my women, in my element, 100% present in the beauty and magic of that moment.

After the closing ceremony, we hung around, hugged, chatted, and then finally went our seperate ways.

I look forward to EVERY gathering Priestess Kim puts together because every time it’s a transformational experience.

Which brings me to this:

Tuesday, March 8 is International Womens Day.

Watch this quick video and tell me it don’t give you goosebumps:

If you’re in the KC area (Lawrence, Baldwin, Eudora, DeSoto, the North land, etc) Priestess Kim will be hosting a Womens Circle in honor of International Womens Day.

The deets are as follows:

Tuesday, March 8 from 7:30 – 9:30 pm
Learning2Fly Acro Yoga Studio
4711 Lamar Ave
Mission, KS 66202

If you have even the slightest inkling that this might be something you’re into, PLEASE! Join us. I will be there and I would love to see any and all new faces.

In sisterhood and love,

  1. Michelle Reply

    I love everything about this. So amazing for you to share your experience, and a good reminder for me to do something special for this new moon. Love love love.

  2. Kim Reply

    WOW!!! thank you, Emily, Star Being of the Universe, for incarnating here on our sweet Mother Earth and bringing your RADIANT light here! And thank you for writing this piece. I so appreciate your perspective because, as a facilitator, I’m having my own experience and while I know the impact gathering in a circle of women has on me, it’s different when you’re the one facilitating it. It is still warm and cozy and magical and powerful and transforming and sometimes, right in the middle of the whole thing, I celebrate that this is my life and I get to do this work!!! I always celebrate afterwards but sometimes I am just overcome by the magic of conscious people gathering together. Love you and welcome everyone who would like to join us Tuesday. It’s gonna ROCK!!!

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